3 way conference

Three way conference reflection

1. it went for 15 mins


My three way conference was not the best but I think my mum and dad like it. I definitely should have had a bigger writing because i only had a poem and it was tiny. But I think I was in the right with reading, maths and inquiry. I mostly liked inquiry because it was Hans on which I love to do.

The night they stormed eureka part 1

The night they stormed eureka is a book about a girl that is in the future and lies on a grave stone and goes back to the 1850s.The book tells you about how they live and about the eureka stockade it also tells you about the gold rush.The differents between the stuff they did is the clothing because it is very different to 2017.

The biggest difference is The clothing because in our age all nice looking  stuff means you are rich but in the 1850s if you were wearing ugly clothing it also meant you were rich but it did not look nice.